Flora and Fauna

Our game farm is one of diverse topography and vegetation, enabling us to naturally sustain the widest variety of game possible. Not only do we have over 25 species of antelope (including Kudu, Sable Eland and Oryx) but Luiperdskloof is also home to white rhino, giraffe, leopard and burchels zebra. We also have breeding projects with rare game (Black impala, Nyala, Sable and buffalo).

The bird life is equally rich, and the Waterberg can indeed be considered a bird watchers paradise. An abundance of more than 280 species of bird life both native and migratory can be found in the Waterberg.

The Waterberg’s enormous diversity in terrain and topography, fascinating geographical formations create ever changing landscapes, throughout the area. It is home to a large variety of trees, bushes, shrubs, creepers, flowers and grasses, approximately 800 species in all.

On our safaris you can experience the fauna and flora of the Waterberg. Safaris are lead by professional guides who are knowledgeable in the local fauna and flora, and can attend to your every need. This is a total bush experience and attention is paid to the bird’s trees and local ecology.