Mountain Biking

We have 9 different distances ranging from 6 km to 40 km which can be ridden in both directions. Our routes are well indicated and graded according to 3 levels: Technical / Physical challenge and Natural beauty.

Our routes are laid out in such a way that cyclists of different technical or fitness levels can ride out together and split up at the loops and join back together after the loop re-joins the main route.

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All deep valleys have running water usually from November to June and some throughout the year.

The source of this water is on the property so it is better than bottled water! Feel free to go down the valley for a fresh water fill up.

If there is no route-sign at a junction follow the direction of the road you are on or keep straight.

Grading info: 1 easiest / 10 hardest or most beautiful nature

Then there are 5 loops which all re-join with the main route. When the loop re-joins at the main route there will be a sign so riders can re-join without confusion.

Triangle Route (Green) is 20 km with shortcuts back home on 5, 8 and 16 km.

Technical 5 Physical 6 Natural beauty 5

Cement dam loop(Red) 5.5 km and joins with main triangle route 1 km after split (in summer you will need to carry your bike around the stream for 50m )

Technical 7.5    Physical 7 Natural beauty 7.5

Klein gronddam Loop(Blue) 3 km and re-joins the main route 1 km after split

Technical 6.5 Physical 6.5  Natural beauty 6

 Bessie boom loop(Orange) 1 km and re-joins the main route 400 m after split

Technical 5.5 Physical 6.5  Natural beauty 5

Klopper Loop(Yellow) 4.6 km and re-joins the main route at same point of split

 Technical 6 Physical 7.5 Natural beauty 5

Panoramic Loop(Brown) 7 km and re-joins the main route at 1.5 km

Technical 6 Physical 6.5   Natural beauty 7.5